• Durable

    A high-performance commercial-grade tool that you can rely on job after job, season after season.

  • Powerful

    Strong enough to chop, but thin and flexible enough to peel away stuck-on material.

  • Versatile

    Clear ice and snow. Remove tile, drywall mud, carpet glue & padding. Muck out barn stalls & gutters.

  • Long-Term Value

    Save time, energy, and expense by investing in the last scraper you’ll ever need.

What Our Customers Say

Scraping success stories from our awesome customers.

We have used this great tool to scrape the ice off our driveway in the spring as our house faces north and the tree line is really high. We have also used our scraper to remove shingles from our roof!
Beth Peters
Beth Peters
Ultimate Scraper Customer
You can buy a cheap scraper almost anywhere, but a well built one is a lot harder to find. We’ve been carrying The Ultimate Scraper for 10 years and our customers have flocked to them versus the cheaper alternatives nearly every time. This premium product belongs on your store shelves!
Josh Solinger
Josh Solinger
Pellicci Ace Hardware
If you live in Minnesota or any snowy state you NEED the Ultimate Scraper. I have used it for years and it gets ice off of your sidewalk and driveway with very little effort.
Merry Joy Olson
Merry Joy Olson
Ultimate Scraper Customer

The perfect tool for the job.

You won't believe how well it works!


The Original Ultimate Scraper

Powerful all-purpose scraper with a 12'' blade.


Our original all-purpose scraper, equipped with a 12" blade for rapid clearing of compacted materials.

Ultimate Scraper SlimBlade

Powerful all-purpose scraper with a 6'' blade.


A slimmer 6" blade makes this model ideal for precision scraping in confined areas or other special situations.

12'' Replacement Blades

12-inch spring-steel blades to keep you scraping.


For commercial and heavy users of The Original Ultimate Scraper, we offer 12" replacement blades.

6'' Replacement Blades

6-inch spring-steel blades to keep you scraping.


For commercial and heavy users of The Ultimate Scraper SlimBlade, we offer 6" replacement blades.

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